Madden NFL 16

Madden NFL 16

Our website claims no ownership, representation or development of the gmaes reviewed on its pages. Users can download the game from the links of Official Website and legal sources.

Our website claims no ownership, representation or development of the gmaes reviewed on its pages. Users can download the game from the links of Official Website and legal sources.

Our website claims no ownership, representation or development of the gmaes reviewed on its pages. Users can download the game from the links of Official Website and legal sources.

Review: Madden NFL 16

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Professional Review

Joseph Thomas
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Introduction: Madden NFL 16 is a solidly-built sports game which brings American football to a whole new level. Building a dream team and going all the way from pre-season to Super Bowl Champions has never been easier. Download Madden NFL 16 now to dive in one of the best football simulations of all time.

Graphics — 4.5/5

In almost every aspect, Madden NFL 16 offers some of the best graphics available in sports games. Stadiums, equipment and crowd, are all beautifully crafted. Even more to the atmosphere add little details such as scuffed helmets and dirtied uniforms. An area where the game excels without a doubt is the photo-realism of faces. EA did a great job to make players feel more human as they adjust to the situations where they find themselves.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

Major improvements have also come to the gameplay. Whereas in previous versions more attention was paid to the quarterback, Madden NFL 16 allows choosing how the receiver will catch the ball as well. Gamers now get more options to experiment with. It all depends on strategy now whether you want to go after the ball right away or to turn up field before catching. These changes make the game more dependable on the player’s direct actions and choices. It also assures that there will happen less frustrating AI decisions, although sometimes those may happen as well.

EA had also introduced an addictive Draft Champions mode which allows assembling a team of legends. Some hard decisions will then be made. To make the game even more entertaining, players will have to accomplish drive goals. These achievements will require gamers to perform certain tasks and in return will give intriguing boosts and experience points. Some goals are basic and easy to accomplish, while others can be challenging and take several hours.

Controls — 4/5

This Madden NFL 16 Review would not be complete without mentioning that the new control scheme makes the game harder to master. Newcomers, which had never played Madden series, are greeted by EA opening tutorial. The throwing and catching techniques are thoroughly explained, so the controls should be easy to pick up and play. If you feel that you are prepared enough to throw high balls or touch passes as well as aggressive catches, then end zone will start to look more and more familiar.

Replay Value — 5/5

The combination of tactics and strategy is that one thing that makes Madden stand out. It’s important not only to select the play, but also to execute it on the field. The game offers you millions of possible outcomes that depend solely on your actions. As you play, more you get better at running, passing and receiving which enhances your chances to defeat rivals. Madden 16 brings even more fun as you master it, so it’s definitely a replayable game.

The bottom line: EA has made a great game that gets gradually better. Stunning visuals are accompanied by even prettier gaming mechanics. The new catching and throwing techniques have a tremendous impact on gameplay and make people think of new strategies and how to execute them. Downloading Madden NFL 16 is a great decision as it’s a must-have for all American football fans. With all the improvements that game offers you’ll find yourself replaying it over and over again.



Madden NFL 16 definitely offers players more fun and opportunities than any prior version, so it deserves a rightful place in any game collection.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Everyone recommends to play it!
One of the most trending games right now!


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