Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18

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All software names, brands, company names, registered and well-known trademarks mentioned on AllXbox.Games for reference only and their copyright belongs to their respective owners.

All software names, brands, company names, registered and well-known trademarks mentioned on AllXboxGames for reference only and their copyright belongs to their respective owners. AllXboxGames claims no ownership, representation or development of games and apps reviewed on this site.

Madden NFL 18 Review: How to Create the Brand New Reality?

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Professional Review

Professional Review

Joseph Thomas
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Madden NFL 18 is an American football simulator game with a strong storyline behind the gameplay. EA Tiburon developed it in 2017. It’s the first NFL that introduces the Longshot campaign about a young quarterback from Mathis, Devin Wade. You have to play in high school and college football events to break into the National Football League. You can download Madden NFL 18 for your Xbox One.

Graphics – 5/5

Madden NFL 18 game is the first chapter of the series that is designed using the Frostbite Engine technology. All cut-scenes and the overall gameplay look incredibly realistic and smooth. The face animation of characters was made using motion-capture technology, so they look alive and cause empathy.

Gameplay – 5/5

Madden NFL 18 gameplay is rather typical for the series, but developers made multiple subtle changes that improve the experience and provide more control over the game. In this chapter, EA decided to test the new system of difficulty that allows you to choose playing styles. The arcade mode allows you to complete the game in an uncomplicated manner.

The simulation mode is designed to make the game feel like an authentic NFL title with medium difficulty. The third mode endows all players with highly competitive AI. This mode is exceptionally hardcore to fulfill the needs of the most experienced players.

You can also participate in the story development helping Devin to make right decisions in quick-time dialogue events. The plot of the game is highly detailed and tells a very touching and life-affirming story of a young football player who dreams of the highest league to prove himself and his father that this game is worth years of struggle.

Controls – 5/5

It’s important to mention in this Madden NFL 18 review that it’s the first game in the series that was released only for Xbox One and PS4, so the controls are brilliantly optimized for gamepad layouts. There are also several optional button configurations. Every game mode requires you to acquire new skills and train additional reaction speed.

Replay Value – 5/5

Madden NFL 18 full game Longshot career mode is an inspiring story with a robust sapiential message for young people who are in the right age to take serious decisions in life. It’s also a challenging cybersport discipline in which you can master your skills endlessly to show off in the multiplayer mode. The long-play walkthrough takes about 4 hours.


Madden NFL 18 sports simulator game is one of the top-rated chapters of the series from 1994. It presents many gameplay improvements as well as a great storyline and brilliant screenplay. It’s a highly recommended game to all fans of the League and hardcore football simulators. EA did their best and published an outstanding annual game.


Download Madden NFL 18 to play one of the most engrossing football titles of all times. It presents perfectly balanced gameplay and a cinematic story.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

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